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DeFi Agreement
2020-11-20 10:53

In Consideration of:

1. Party A is a platform (www.bibox.com and related official websites) that holds a certain amount of digital currency assets and operates a DeFi liquid mining service;

2. Party B intends to participate in DeFi liquidity mining through bibox.com;

3. Both parties signed this agreement after friendly negotiation based on the principles of equality, voluntariness, honesty and credibility.

4. The terms of the agreement are as follows:

    1)bibox.com launched the DeFi liquid mining pool service to provide www.bibox.com users with value-added services related to DeFi liquid mining digital assets.

    2)User assets participating in www.bibox.com DeFi liquidity mining will be used to participate in liquidity mining related businesses such as on-chain pledges.

    3)When users use the DeFi libibox.com to distribute and distribute the pledged proceeds reasonably according to the platform's rules.

    4)When using DeFi liquid mining services, users should abide by relevant national laws and ensure that the source of assets is legal and compliant.

    5)When using DeFi liquid mining services, users should fully understand the risks of digital asset investment, operate cautiously, and do what they can.

    6)The user agrees that all investment operations performed on www.bibox.com represent their true investment intentions and unconditionally accept the potential risks and benefits brought by investment decisions.

    7)bibox.com reserves the right to suspend and terminate the DeFi liquid mining service. When necessary, the www.bibox.com platform can suspend and terminate the DeFi liquid mining service at any time.

    8)Due to network delays, computer system failures and other possible irresistible factors, the execution of DeFi liquid mining services may be delayed, suspended, suspended or deviated. www.bibox.com will do its best to guarantee but not promise the DeFi liquid mining service execution system The operation is stable and effective, but the final execution result of the DeFi liquidity mining service caused by the above factors is different from the customer's expectations, and www.bibox.com does not bear any responsibility.

    9)bibox.com will try its best to screen high-quality DeFi mining projects for users, but www.bibox.com only serves as a platform for project display, providing users with proxy asset access to DeFi projects and revenue distribution and other related services, and does not assume any contract due to the project chain Loss of safety.

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