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How to Create an Account on Bibox [Web]
2020-11-20 11:18

I. Sign up


1. Visit Bibox official website: https://www.bibox.com


2. Click "Sign up" at the top right of the page



3. Enter email information and click "Sign up"



4. Click "Send SMS" and you will receive a 6-digit verification code in your mailbox, please enter the verification code in the window



5. Congratulations on completing the registration and welcome to the "Account security"



II. Identity Authentication


To open collection settings and other functions, you need to complete identity authentication first. For accounts without authentication, the withdrawal limit will also be restricted. It is recommended that you complete identity authentication before using it.

It is recommended that you first choose the APP terminal for identity authentication, which is more convenient and faster. Please see Have an account in Bibox [APP]

If the APP cannot complete the authentication, please try the operation on the web page:


1. Please prepare ID documents in advance. Click Account-Verification to enter the identity authentication page



2. Click "Other Regions" to enter the web authentication page. Please fill in the relevant identity information on this page, click submit, and wait for review



III. Security Setting


To protect the security of your account, we strongly recommend that you complete the second verification and security settings before trading.


1. Enter "Security Setting", select to set up secondary verification

* You can choose to set up "SMS Auth" or "Google Auth". After setting, you will be asked to verify each time you log in.





2. In order to facilitate the transaction, please set the Asset Password in advance



Now you can trade and buy your digital assets

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