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Trigger Order & Stop-profit/loss
2020-11-20 15:24

Trigger Order: Preset your “Order” and “Trigger Condition” and the system will place your “Order” into the market if the latest transaction price reaches the preset condition.

Stop-profit/loss: When the index price reaches the trigger price you set, your order will be traded at the market price.

Trigger Order & Stop-profit/loss Trigger Condition: When the index price reaches the trigger price you set.

Note: Trigger orders and stop-profit/loss will not occupy your position margin, the corresponding margin will only be deducted when your order triggered.


Trigger Price: The price of triggering Trigger Orders, when the index price reaches the trigger price, your order will be placed into market.

Order Price: The order price after the trigger order placed into market.

Position: The order amount (Conts) of the trigger orders


Instruction on Trigger Order:


1. Select “Trigger Order”, enter trigger price, order price, and size, then choose the position side


2. After orders placed, you can view them at “Trigger Order”


3. After your order triggered, you can view at “Open Order”


Stop-profit/loss Instruction:


1. When you have a position, you can set stop-profit/loss on the right side.


2. Enter the trigger price and the Size in the pop-up window (Stop-profit/loss will be traded at the trigger price)


3. Stop-profit/loss will be ordered as trigger order, after you set stop-profit/loss, you can view orders at “Trigger Order”



1. Conts shall be subject to the order rules of relevant contract types, or your orders will fail to be placed

2. Trigger price must be within the range of the contact, or your order will fail to be placed

3. You will fail to place orders when the contract margin is insufficient

4. Please note that your orders will not be triggered successfully due to price, order limit, position, insufficient account balance, network and system problem, and other problems.

5. Trigger Order and stop-profit/loss are set according to your pre-set conditions, which cannot guarantee the transaction, please be pay attention to the risk control.


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