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The process to become a trader
2021-04-09 03:55

How to apply for the trader?

1.Open the Bibox trader entry page and the access link is as follows:



2.After entering the registration page, click "Apply to be listed".


3.Follow the prompts to create a trader account.


4.Log in to the follow-trade account and start to trade.


Please note:

1.The trader account is a sub-account of your parent account, and you can directly use the sub-account to trade.

2.If a user follows your trade, the funds for the follow-trade will be directly transferred to the trader’s account.

3.To add margin to the traders’ account, they need to deposit to the parent account and follow their sub-account in the list (the net value needs to be calculated through follow trade when deposit funds). Note: Directly deposit to the follow-trade account will be defaulted to increase the income of the follow-trade account. The income is shared with the follow-trade users, please be cautious when operate. 

4.If you need to redeem the funds, you can contact the official customer service (Telegram: @Bibox_kf) for help.



1. Net worth: The manifestation of the income of a trader account. Calculated as follows:

Net value = total assets/total principal (total principal = initial amount of funds provided by traders + ∑ amount of funds provided by follow-trade users)

* Every 10 minutes, the system will take a snapshot of trader account assets and update the net value.

2. Lock-up period: After the user follows the trader, it cannot be redeemed for a certain period of time.

3. How to confirm follow-trade share?

After the follow-trade is successful, user’s share will be calculated based on the follow-trade amount and the current net value of the follow-trade account every hour.

Purchase share = invested capital / net value of the follow-trade account the next day

4. trader’s income

The default dividend ratio is 20%, and it is supported to be reduced to 15%, 10%, and 5%. Once adjusted, it is not supported to adjust to a higher ratio.

5. Follow-trade redemption

The trader needs to be ready to redeem the user's funds and put them in the wallet account by 8 o'clock in the morning every Saturday. Automatic payment and redemption time is 8 o'clock every Saturday morning. The trader can also pay the user's redemption in advance in the "Current Redemption" section.

6. Trader application review

After creating the follow-trade account, the trader needs to contact the customer service to review the qualification of being a trader (at the same time, it is convenient to contact the trader in time when a user needs to redeem). After passing the review, the information of the trader will appear in the list, and will get the priority display rights for the new entry for 3 days.

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