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Bibox "The First Trader King" Challenge. The Peak Showdown is Imminent!
2021-04-02 12:09

Since Bibox's global trader function was launched 4 months ago, it has been deeply loved by community users. In response to the community's call, the "Bibox's first trader king" challenge contest has been launched. Whether you are a trader with a steady style or with a high risk and high return, you can compete here.


Participate in the first "Bibox trader king" challenge, you will have the opportunity to win:

1.The first "Bibox trader king" honor trophy and ranking award;

2.Commissions up to 20% of the profit amount of the trade follower;

3.Invite new users to follow-trade and enjoy 60% commission rebate;

4.Exclusive leveraged currency lending preferential interest rates;

5.Exclusive OTC channel;

6.Exclusive withdrawal limit;

7.Bibox omni-channel publicity and exposure resources;

8.Bibox Specially Invited Analyst Signing Qualification;

9.Bibox limited edition promo-items and offline VIP events;

10.Priority experience of Bibox's innovative financial products.


At the same time, the top five ranking traders in the "Bibox trader King" Challenge will receive the following rewards:

Rank Prize Rewards
1st Trader King Award DJI Min2 aerial plane
2nd Runner-up Award Bose qc35 noise-canceling headphones
3rd 3rd place Award Kindle fourth-generation 8G e-books
4th 4th place Award Elvis Radio
5th 5th place Award Custom mnemonic board


Event time:

16:00 on March 23, 2021~16:00 on April 6, 2021 (UTC+8)


Event rule:

1.New and old users of Bibox can apply to become a trader on the web quantitative ranking list. When the competition starts, traders can click on the registration form to participate in the "Bibox First Trader King" Challenge.

2.The challenge will calculate the overall scores of the traders during the event for ranking, in which the rate of return for 25% of the overall scores of the traders + the amount of follow-trade for 50% of the overall scores of the traders + the number of followers take up 25% of the overall scores of the traders.


Please note:

1.Global trader means: users who apply to become Bibox traders can choose all trading investment categories in the Bibox platform to trade, not only contract trading, but also spot trading, leveraged trading, and quantitative trading, etc.;

2.New users must first apply to become a trader and then register for the competition. Users who are already a trader can directly register for the competition;

3.Return rate = net value at the end of the event-net value at the beginning of the event, net value = total assets / total principal (total principal = initial capital contribution of traders + ∑ capital contribution of follow-trade users);

4.The effective daily average transaction volume of traders during the event period needs to be ≥100,000 USDT;

5.The rewards for this event will be distributed within 5 business days after the event; The physical rewards obtained by overseas traders will be converted into equivalent USDT to distribute;

6.Users with the same ranking data will be awarded according to the time when they apply for the trader;

7.The final interpretation right of this event belongs to Bibox within the scope permitted by law. If any unfair trading behaviors such as cheating or fake volume are found, the award will be disqualified.


Risk warning:

Digital currency trading has high market risks. While bringing huge gains, it may also cause huge losses. Bibox only provides as a digital currency trading platform, and all trading strategies are determined by the users and at their own risk. Bibox does not bear any responsibility for any losses that may cause as a result of using the contract.


Thank you for your support to Bibox!




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