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Bibox DeFi Smart Pool Mining Event-2021.4.12
2021-04-13 02:41

Subscription Time:

11:00 on April 12, 2021 to 18:00 on April 12, 2021 (UTC+8)


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Please be noted:

1.The current mining cycle is 5 days and is expected to start at 20:00 on April 12 (UTC+8).

2.The minimum locked quantity is 500 USDT. The locked fund will be unlocked and credited back to your wallet in 24 hours after the end of this event.

3.Soft cap is 100,000 USDT. This event will be automatically cancelled of the soft cap is not reached within the subscription period. The locked fund will be returned to you within 24 hours.

4.The mining profit that will be distributed is USDT token. Mining profits will be issued within 24 hours after the end of the mining event.

5.Bibox mining event will charge 10% of the actual mined profit.

6.Your principle will not be affected.

7.Bibox reserves the final right of interpretation to this event.


Risk warning: DeFi mining is non- principal mining, but there still are risks in decentralized mining. Please go through the notes carefully before investment. Bibox will fully bear the wear and tear caused by on-chain fees, but which does not include asset losses caused by risks such as contract vulnerabilities, hacking attacks, and DeFi project deception.


Thank you for your support to Bibox!




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