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Bibox USDT Swap Instructions [APP]
2021-01-08 08:40

1. Open Bibox App, click the 'Futures' option at the bottom of the page. 


2.Then click '...' at the top right corner or the margin transfer logo to transfer assets from the master account to the contract account.


3. Select "Transfer" and enter the amount you want to transfer into the contract account.


4. After the transfer, you can see the current available amount in "Available (BTC)" on the page; click the upper left corner to switch to USDT Swap.


5. After selecting a token type, users can choose the leverage and enter the price and amount. If you predict the price will increase, then choose "Long", if you predict the price will decrease, then choose "Short". Click the market performance logo at the top right corner, you can view the market trends.


6.Once the order placed, you can view it on the bottom of the "Trade" page if it is not taken. If your order has been taken, then it can be viewed in 'Position' page.To view more records, click 'History'.

*Click the Share logo next to the ROI, you can share your profits with your friends.



7. If you want to adjust the leverage, please click on the adjustment button, slide to the desired leverage multiple and click confirm. To adjust the margin, click "Margin", select "Add" or "Reduce" and click "Confirm". Stop profit/loss can also be set on this page, please choose according to your own trading situation.


8. If you want to close an order, then switch to 'Position' page, select the order you want to close, enter the price and amount to complete closing an order.



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