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Sub-account Operation Instruction
2020-11-20 11:25

1. What is a Sub-account?

For the convenience of users to manage the account, users can create sub-accounts under the master accounts and conduct trading operations or fund management in different sub-accounts.


2. How to Create Sub-accounts?

Log in your master account, select your personal icon on the top right corner, click “Sub-account”

(Attention: Secondary verification and fund password are required for adding sub-accounts)


3. How to Manage Sub-accounts?

a. You can add sub-accounts by clicking the "Add a Sub-account" button on the top right corner (100 sub-accounts at most for a master account). You need to enter the username and password of the sub-account and verify your secondary authentication and fund password at creation time.

b. For your asset safety, you need to complete security verification, including fund password and secondary verification to log in your sub-account on website or app. If you don't need to log in on website or app, then you can manipulate the account by adding API Key (Each sub-account supports 5 API Keys at most). After added, the sub-account only supports asset viewing. If there is a trading requirement, please open the trading authorization in "API Key".

c. You can transfer funds between the master account and sub-accounts at any time in the sub-account management page, and you can view the total assets of all sub-accounts, as well as the assets of each sub-account, so as to better carry out fund management.

d. The master account is able to reset all security settings of sub-accounts or freeze and unfreeze the sub-accounts.

e. You can view the transfer details between the master account and sub-accounts in "Transfer records", and view operation details in "Operation History".

*For users asset safety, Bibox only supports the asset transfer between the master account and sub-accounts, instead of from sub-accounts to margin or contract account.

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