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What is Bibox Referral Rewards & How to get it?
2020-11-20 11:27

What is Bibox Referral Rewards?

The referral rewards are a certain amount of transaction fees incurred in token trading and margin trading by the traders you invite to Bibox.


Rules of “Referral Rewards” on Bibox

Users will be able to generate an exclusive invitation link/code/poster, with which your friends can sign up on Bibox and make trades. You will be eligible for a proportion of your friends’ transaction fees as referral rewards. The more your friends trade, the more rewards you will get.


How to get the Rebate Rewards?

I. From the Website

1. Visit Bibox official website, log in to your account, and click "Referral"



2. Enter the Referral event page, you can see your exclusive referral link, referral code/poster. Feel free to use any of the above to acquire more users under your name, or fill in the friend’s email to send the invitation.



3. If your friends complete the registration and generate a trading fee through the information you share, you will be eligible for the corresponding rewards. The more invitations, the more rewards.


II. From the APP

1. Open the App and click "Referral" on the homepage



2. You can see your exclusive “referral link", "Referral Code" and "Poster referral", etc. You may choose the referral method you like to generate more referral rewards. 


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